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Regular updating of your locks is a sure way to boost security. Scroll below for answers to frequently asked questions on the matter. Find your answers and a valuable ally for the times you need the right information to deal with a lock problem. Get your questions answered here.

What should I do if I lost my keys?

If you happen to lose your key, you will need locksmith services. We at “Locksmith Costa Mesa” can produce a copy of your lost key.  They are able to provide a key for variety of locks such as those for cars, houses, and more.
However, in case you have labeled important information in your key such as your name and address, it is important for you to rekey the locks.  Thieves may trace your location and can have access to your belongings.

Locked out of your house?

This can happen to anyone.  Making friends with your neighbor is helpful especially in these times.  As a preparation, you can leave a spare key to a trusted neighbor. You can also leave a spare key to family member to prevent this situation from happening. If all else fails, you will be forced to breakdown your door but be ready for expensive repair cost.  Or you can contact our locksmith services to help you with your lock concerns.

What are the favorite entry points of intruders?

Perpetrators would break in from the easiest entry point possible. The experts of our company in Costa Mesa remind you that they are in a hurry and cannot delay with complex security door locks. They will take advantage of an unlocked door, open windows, unlocked and damaged garage doors. Any entrance that won't make their life difficult!

Do I have to install locks for windows as well?

This is definitely something that our team recommends for both doors and windows. Prioritize the destructive openings while at the same time giving enough space for emergency exits. People tend to lose control when they are spooked in an emergency.

Is there a guarantee on lock installations?

This can vary quite widely between locksmith companies and can also depend on the designs and services provided. There should always be some form of guarantee on installations. It can be common for time frames to be over 1 year for most designs.

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